Alaskan Wild Berries
(and berry-like fruits)

Photographs by Mary Hopson
(Caveat: I am not a botanist, and do not guarantee these identifications.
I'm just someone who enjoys hiking and taking pictures of the plants.)

Click on the small photos below below to view larger versions

Alpine Bearberry

Arctostaphylos alpina

flower image

Black berry

Empetrum nigrum


Amelanchier florida

flower image


 Blue Huckleberry
Early Blueberry

Vaccinium ovalifolium

Bog Blueberry

Vaccinium uliginosum
ssp alpinum

Trailing Blue Currant

Ribes laxiflorum


Juniper "berries"

Juniperus species


White Baneberry
Doll's Eyes

Actaea rubra


flower image

Watermellon Berry
Twisted Stalk Fruit

Streptopus amplexifolius


flower image

  x   x    


Shepherdia canadensis

Scenic view

(Dwarf Dogwood)

Cornus canadensis

red foliage photo
another photo
flower image

Devil's Club

Echinopanax horridum


flower image


Lowbush Cranberry
Mountain Cranberry

Vaccinium vitis-idaea

flower image


Rubus spectabilis

flower image

Trailing Raspberry

Rubus pedatus


flower image


Highbush Cranberry

Vibrunum edule

flower image
autumn foliage color


Arctostaphylos uva-ursi


flower image

Red-berried Elder
Sambucus racemosa

*toxic when raw*

another berry image
flower image
Scenic view

    x   x  

Greene Mountain Ash

Sorbus sambucifolia


(wild Prickly Rose)

Rosa acicularis


flower image

 False Solomon Seal

Smilacina stellata


flower image


All photos were taken by an amateur, with amateur equipment.
Feel to use any of the photos at your website, but please leave the copyright information intact.
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