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June 2008

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Like the earlier days of our spring this year, June started out cloudy, windy and cool, with just a few bright sunny days interspersed. Flowers were late, and butterflies are few and far between. So far, I have seen a grand total of one dragonfly. (But don't worry, the mosquito population is abundant and healthy.) This month, my camera broke down and there were some glitches getting a replacement. (My vacuum cleaner died, my glasses broke, and my bed collapsed too, but that's a different story.) Here are some images from June. Click to see larger versions, and check out the additional links.



 More pix from June 2008:

Another view of the American Widgeons seen above
Mama, Papa, and six little puff balls-- Canada Geese
Grove sandwort, a common, tiny flower of wooded areas
A very distant zoom view of a Loon, on Cheney Lake, in Anchorage
Several views of a White-crowned Sparrow: View 1 / View 2 / View 3 / View 4

In a long string of gray days, there was one clear day predicted. So a friend and her son and I, with our dogs, went for a nice hike on the Thunderbird Falls Trail. The main trail takes hikers to a platform overlooking the gorge and the falls. I've been out there a few times before, but never noticed another trail going down to the river and very close to the falls. It wasn't long or difficult. And such lovely place to be.


More pix from along the Thunderbird Falls Trail:

Shonti, her son Devin, and their dog Maya, at the viewing platform
Shonti, down by the river near the falls
Devin enoying an interesting tree along the lower trail
My friends picking their way carefully along the river

Special Notice: I'm planning to leave Anchorage on June 21st, on a 8000 mile trip from Alaska to New York and back. I expect it to take about a month. I have a new laptop equipped with an ExpressConnect card, and I am hoping to upload details of the trip along the way. Unfortunately, I've run into some snags with the plan, and cannot promise that it will happen. My server guy isn't responding to my queries right now, but one of these days he might get back to his email and be able to help me out. So check back from time to time, and see if I manage to get that wrinkle ironed out . If so, you'll be able to come along for the trip, without leaving the comfort of your home.

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