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Early Spring 2007

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March 2007:


More March 2007 photos:

A moose calf nibbles a neighbor's tree
It's mother is nearby
Cold ducks wait out the long winter
Sunset over Turnagain Arm
Mt. Susitna, across an icy inlet
A dramatic icefall in Portage Valley
Shelf fungus on a dead tree branch

April 2007:

More McHugh Creek Park scenes:

Another view of the inlet
My dog and I looking over the cliff
Kinickinick berry, under the snow
No flowers yet... well, except for these
A still frozen McHugh Creek

Bird Pix:

Scene with the Bald Eagle high in a tree
Zoom view of the eagle's back
Front view of the same eagle
Closeup of the eagle's head
Canada Geese on a frozen lake
The ducks find some open water
A Black-capped Chickadee in the willows

 More April 2007 photos:
Side view of the Mourning Cloak Butterfly
Another sign of Spring: Pussywillows!
A frozen glacial lake with natural designs
I can't help it, I like sunsets :-)
Sunset on ice
Kincaid Park sunset
Another sunset on ice
Potter Marsh sunset

All photographs are the property of the photographer, Mary Hopson.
If you wish to use them in screensavers or webpages, please leave copyright information intact.

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