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July has been beautiful-- sunny and dry. There are problems with wild fires, mostly in the interior, because of dry conditions. That has led to haze and smoke in the air over most of the state. Rain during the 3rd week has been helpful in that regard. I managed to get sick with labyrinthitis for awhile, which made it difficult to hold a camera. But all's well that ends well.

7/5/09 McHugh Creek Park:

McHugh Creek

Death Camas, Wand Lily

Clouded Sulphur Butterfly


Yellow Pond Lily

Blackpoll Warbler

Northern Spreadwings Damselfly


Lesser Yellowlegs Sandpiper

Turnagain Arm scene


 Additional images:

The official Alaska State Insect, Four-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly
Image 1 / Image 2
A Paddletail Darner Dragonfly, stop action in flight
A different kind of dragonfly, a Black Meadowhawk (but it's orange)

Alaskan Birds:
White-crowned Sparrow
Another view of the Blackpoll Warbler
Another view of the Lesser Yellowlegs Sandpiper

An Alaskan turtle, Protochelydra
from the late Paleocene, about 60 million years ago,
found near Palmer, AK, seen at Alaska Museum of Natural History.

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