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Spring 2009


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May 2009: May brings some wonderful weather, early spring flowers, and nesting birds. Click the thumbnails for larger versions:

More pix from May 2009:

View of Powerline Valley, from Blueberry Hill
Bell Heather, in bud, on Blueberry Hill
Cute little White-crowned Sparrow, in Anchorage
Scene from Blueberry Hill, with windflowers
(See June 2009 to see an update on those robin eggs.)

Flowers, flowers, flowers! The alpine tundra was covered with a wide array of kinds and colors. They were lovely to see. But the hike itself was mostly about the wind. There were some sheltered areas along the way, in spite of the steady wind probably about 30 mph. Then the gusts would hit and stop us in our tracks. Above the second saddle became unbearable. Jascha kept trying to go back down. I've learned to trust his judgement, so we didn't take the summit.

More images from Flattop:

A view of the alpine tundra garden
Little pink flowers on a Northern Red Currant plant
Wooly Lousewort in full bloom, up close
Valley scene with snow and wooly lousewort

All photographs are the property of the photographer, Mary Hopson.
If you wish to use them in screensavers or webpages, please include copyright information.

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