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The Year Ten Journal
Winter 2008-09


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December 2008

A few more December photos:

A moose cow munches through the sleet
A Fed-Ex jet takes off above frosty trees
New Year's Eve: Sunset through frosty branches

 January 2009

More photos from January

More Dall Sheep pix: ewe, eating / up on a cliff / a one horned sheep / looking this way
Sunset over Turnagain Arm, January 3rd
Chickadees stay through the winter / Robins usually don't
Alpenglow on Susitna Mountain, January 17th
More Bull Moose pix: scratching an itch / heading this way
The forest seems to be on fire; sunset, January 18th
A raven, with something to say
A distant view of the city, from Point Woronzof
Two seaside scenes along Turnagain Arm: scene one / scene two

February 2009 

More photos from February 2009:

Icefall along the Seward Highway
A visitor from Romania shows the scale of the icefall
Saxafrage clings to a near vertical rock
Cow moose relaxing in my neighbor's yard
Extreme closeup of the moose-- such soulful eyes
Life in a snow globe -- another view of Chester Creek

All photographs are the property of the photographer, Mary Hopson.
If you wish to use them in screensavers or webpages, please include copyright information.

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