A Fat Old Lady Takes Up Climbing
(On hiatus during a long cold, icy spell)
Winter 2007 - 2008

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Unable to reach the mountain trailheads on those steep slippery roads, my dog and I continued hiking the trails in town. I enjoyed capturing the images with my camera, at least until it would freeze up. Click on any of the small photos to see a full-screen version, and don't miss the additional links below each month's thumbnails.

 December '07

Click these links for more December '07 pix:

Look directly into the sun, 12/1/07
A beautiful Turnagain Arm sunset
View of rocky shore and distant mountains to the north
Cloud formations over Kenai Mountains, with alpinglow
A photographer on the beach records the scene
Fire on ice: sunset over a frozen ocean inlet, 12/16/07
Kenai Mountains on the other side of a Turnagain Arm
Redoubt Volcano silhouetted under a flaming orange sky
Christmas Tree in a snowstorm
Cranberry ornaments

January '08

More January '08 images:

New Years Day sunset
A freshwater overflow into the ocean, with colorful reflections, 1/1/08
Sunset the next day, along the Glenn Highway, Matanuska Valley
Roadside view of Gunsight Mountain, near Eureka Summit, 1/3/08
Another very frosty scene from Eureka Summit, about twenty below zero
A very close look at the thick frost
Clear and cold in Anchorage too, 1/6/08
Odd-looking icicles in Campbell Creek
Frosty branches overhang the late afternoon sky
Cityview from West High overlook, 1/12/08
Spruce trees, all dressed up for a party
Blue and White, trees against the sky
Male Common Redpoll, in a spruce tree, 1/22/08
Light plays through a Chester Creek scene, 1/26/08 

February '08

More February views:

The tide, covered with brash ice, recedes from the rocky shore, at Beluga Point
Tides out on Turnagain Arm, with Kenai Mountains in the distance
Puffs of clouds rush past a windswept mountain
Sun peeking through a snowy woods
Creek scene with a new layer of snow

Feb 24th

 More BirdRidge Scenes:

GoatsBeard seedpods
View of the Seward Hwy headed south
The tide is draining from Turnagain Arm
Looking up at blue sky, rocks, and snow

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