happy holidays!


 Here's lots of holiday cheer from a cold and snowy Alaska!

dog on flattop trail
Jascha on the Flattop trail, Nov23


See scenes from Anchorage and nearby by clicking on the small pictures. The reindeer (actually a caribou),and Bohemian waxwings (above) have links too, if you click on them. All photos were taken in November and December, 2003.


(all photos by Mary Hopson)

bull moose
A bull moose near Portage

frost and flare
A frosty view down Flattop, -5°F.

  city and lagoon
Westchester Lagoon & downtown, 12/22/03

sleeping lady
Sleeping Lady Mt, on a bed of clouds

frozen ocean
See 4 views of sea ice

  extreme frost
Hoarfrost on a very chilly day

duck, alone
One lonely mallard endures a snowstorm

waxwing flurry
Another view, Bohemian Waxwing flurries

  marauding moose
Moose cow finishes off my poor ash tree

Sunset over Cook Inlet

These chilly photos are accompanied by lots of warm thoughts for everyone.
Wishing you all the best of the season, and a wonderful 2004 ahead!

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